Vidange 3D - PUNKLAB Featuring Laurent Viaux-Lapointe aka Ouichichi (2019)- during residency at GHAM&DAFE

In collaboration with Laurent Viaux-Lapointe, a fellow PUNKLAB member, we attended a seven day residency at GHAM&DAFE under the theme Vidange (garbage). As critical makers and artists we explored the garbage of 3D models that are 3D printed in fabrication/Maker spaces. We mashedup the most popular, iconic and obscure 3D models of Thingiverse. Thingiverse is a website that contains thousands of free/open Source 3D models. It is heavily used in digital fabrication to get rapid good quality 3D prints.  The mashups ended up as absurd looking objects an characters , we exibited them as the 3D prints and inkjet prints. We added to the installation all the fails and scraps that our production generated. It gave us the opportunity to display the less shown side of 3D prints : it can generate a lot of garbage.