Malaise (2017)

Malaise is the product of an instagram residency provided by Galerie Galerie Web and Studio XX in 2017. During a week I posted videos and renders of 3D modeled human parts interacting with each other or explored by a virtual camera. I was interested in the effect of proximity provided by some instagram post. As people tend to stage their bodies, going against the initial goal of instagram of providing a platform for instant pictures (Manovich, 2017), I wanted to explore the effect of posting completely artificial images suggesting proximity. I decided to explore staging digital naked body parts in sensual but uncanny ways. This project  outcome was the creation of web page  of a collage of the diffrent images and videos produced during that residency, an exploratory game of game of the 3D models used, an exhibition and an artist talk. 

Manovich, L. (2017). Does “Photography”  exists? in Subjects and Styles in Instagram Photography, Retrieved from